Musings on buying a car.

  • “Granite” is NOT the colour of mud.
  • And it looks awful with a tan interior. (Don’t listen to Sherry.)
  • Rudy the Sales Guy actually asked Sherry and I straight out, “Is there a relationship here?” Everyone thinks we’re a couple regardless (though he could have meant family, but not even a blind person would think she and I are related). But usually (older men especially) people we meet pretty clearly wonder and are incapable of asking. Rudy’s a smart dude who just wanted to know if “the wife” would be influencing my decision. 🙂
  • Rudy the Sales Guy took on the somewhat bumbling uncle persona for dealing with me. When we got back to the dealership after test driving the Mazda3, we saw him with another customer, an older man, and everything down to the body language was different. Heh.
  • I like the exterior looks of the Mazda3. I was not a fan of the interior. The seats look like pantyhose.
  • I wonder if they changed the upholstery, because from what I remember, Rob at work’s Mazda3 Sport is nice inside.
  • Having a prescribed test drive route, which is printed on a poster near the door, no less, is kind of odd.
  • They will not give you a sunroof as a quick sale incentive on a compact car.
  • You won’t know if you don’t ask.
  • I am not Scottish, and that makes me much less interesting to finance dudes. Heh.
  • Leather and sunroofs are not deal makers or breakers for me, but I would have liked heated seats. Oh well, my seat has heated itself for three decades, it’ll survive.
  • It feels like buying $30K worth of something should be harder. (I.e. not take place in an afternoon.)
  • I’ll “feel” plenty when those car payments start coming out of my account again…
  • The whole experience didn’t really register until I called my brother to tell him he and his girlfriend could have Giuseppe. He was pretty excited about that (and was pretty excited about me buying a car). Then I got excited. Not sure if that’s because my brother is very infectious (he is), or because I can’t truly enjoy something unless someone else gets to enjoy it, too.
  • I feel okay about giving up Giuseppe for a new car because he’s not going to a farm in the country. And Dad will still be able to maintain him out the wazoo. (Dad can’t touch the Sentra, warranty-wise…) Giuseppe’s not worth much, but he’s still reliable and in good shape and he’s going to someone who can really use him.
  • w00t. 🙂

2007 Nissan Sentra

6 Replies to “Musings on buying a car.”

  1. w00t!!! Congrats on the shiny new red car!!! Sentra is a great little car … my sis has been driving hers for about 10 years now and it’s been just great!!! I LOVE that it’s red … that’s just SO YOU!!! 😀 Enjoy your new toy!!

  2. Heh heh, good for you, and congrats on getting a shiny red car. The buying process gets pretty hectic, doesn’t it? Finding the right car can be frustrating at times, and checking and testing various models is so time-consuming.

    Yet it feels great in the end, when you get the keys in your hand and drive.

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