baby robins

The residents of the nest on top of the wreath that’s on the porch wall. Supposedly there were four eggs, and it’s possible there’re four bébés in there, but if so, the two you can’t see can’t be very comfy. I love how baby birds look like grumpy little old men. 🙂 The parents are surprisingly mellow, though rarely far away. I suspect today was a pretty good robin day — cool and damp means worms near the surface, which means easier grocery shopping for the kiddies.

down by the crick

This is just down the tracks towards the village. Dad used to throw rocks for Thumper to chase, and he’d try to bite the splashes and retrieve the rocks. Except you couldn’t throw the rock in too far, or he wouldn’t go after it, and you couldn’t throw the rock in the grass, or where he missed the splash, or he’d get confused… Throwing rocks for a dog is a more involved enterprise than you’d think.

tree fungus

The patterns get cooler the longer you look at them.

three tree fungi


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