So I was talking to the finance guy at Nissan this morning; I called to confirm that he’ll be sending the necessary info to my insurance company before Thursday, when I’m scheduled to pick up the car. And he informs me that a) he tried to call me at home this morning but got no answer, and b) I have been declined for financing.


a) I don’t have a home phone, just a cell (which he noted on the forms), which has neither rung today nor registered any missed calls.

b) I didn’t technically GET financing.

c) I was approved last week and now I’m not…?

So he proceeds to tell me that I could get a co-signer, and what would all be required, and then made some comment about how I’d mentioned my brother could co-sign. At this point I’m SERIOUSLY confused, because, as aforementioned, I was all approved last week and we arranged for me to pick up the car on Thursday, and honestly, my BROTHER??? For reasons many of you are well familiar with, the words “my brother could co-sign” would never, EVER cross my lips. My co-signer has to be a homeowner, someone with perfect credit, etc. doncha know.

So I proceed to ask what all info he’d require to arrange the co-signing, and then I go make a not-particularly-happy phone call to my parents to ask if they’re cool with co-signing. (I’m almost 32 years old. Doesn’t THAT just make you feel like a successful adult…) No one home, so I leave a message. I come back to my desk thinking that I need to get an updated credit report from Equifax asap, cuz… wtf?

I sit back down, and a minute later my phone rings. It’s the finance guy from Nissan again, apologizing profusely. Apparently he’s a thousand times more brain dead today than I was this weekend. He had too many files open on his desk, and got me confused with another Melanie who is a potential customer. My approval is completed and still good and I’m still booked to pick the car up on Thursday, a thousand pardons, etc., etc…

He made jokes about wearing himself out on the weekend and whatnot… Good natured though I was about it, I told him he tries that again I’ll pop him one when I come get the car. (Wore yourself out doing… what, exactly…?) Sherry said I should have told him he IS giving me the sunroof now. Heh.

And then I made another phone call to my parents telling them to ignore the first message. Sheesh.

Needless to say, when I pick up Chad and Patience from the airport on Sunday, in my new car, I will be informing Chad that he has to co-sign for said car. šŸ™‚

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