Last evening Sherry and I had the good fortune to join friends of hers for one of the KW Symphony‘s Jeans ‘n’ Classics nights, this time featuring the music of KISS. (Last year we went on Led Zeppelin night. Good times.)

Dinner prior at Masala Bay was yummolicious, as always. Seriously, someone needs to move into my kitchen and make Indian food for me every day.

The assembled crowd for the symphony was… interesting. Wouldn’t raise much of an eyebrow if it had been a regular symphony evening, but for the most part, it wasn’t exactly a hard rockin’-type crowd. Interesting age range, though, from entertainingly-clad teenagers right on up to the solidly geriatric.

I admit I’m a tad young to have been a major fan (much of what they played was from the mid-to-late 70s, and I wasn’t buying a whole lot of albums when I was two). While I could holler along with at least the chorus of such classics as I Was Made For Lovin’ You and Rock and Roll All Night, it was with some shame that I realized I knew all the words to Forever, which came out in 1989… and was co-written by Michael Bolton. Ahem. (As a side note, Brent and Tom — I’ll get to them — would not have been born yet in 1989…)

The band and singer were the same as last time, though blessedly the lead singer’s choice of well-worn leather pants left rather more to the imagination than the jeans he’d worn at the concert we attended last year. Apparently undergarments are not rock ‘n’ roll. Ahem. This time there were two female backup singers as well, one of whom was wearing a perhaps inadvisable black catsuit and presented us with the female equivalent of the lead singer’s… display. And the backup singers mostly obscured our view of the bass player in the back, whom Sherry and I dearly love due to his moments of forgetting his staid composure and rocking out as only a bespectacled, grey-haired man can.

As Sherry noted, the orchestral arrangements for Zeppelin had been rather more “fecund” than those for KISS. The KISS stuff pretty much seemed to just follow the melody. It sounded good, it just wasn’t overly… adventurous. But hey, the Jeans ‘n’ Classics band and the backup singers all came out in modified KISS makeup (and the conductor was wearing riding boots tucked into his jeans…), so hey, that clearly made up for any shortcomings.

As there always is at such events, there were a couple of highly interactive audience members, in this case two gents by the names of Brent and Tom. They love KISS, you see. Very much. And apparently are 16. (We saw two beanpole ragamuffins standing outside the doors at the end of the evening, and knew instantly that those could be none other than Brent and Tom.) They kindly informed the lead singer that he rocks KISS hard, dude. No higher praise than that.

On our way out, we passed a group of 50-ish-year-old women, one of whom was trying to make some joke (I think about staying out late on a weeknight). I think she was unintentionally much funnier than she knew: “We want to… what was it? ‘Party all night and… rock all day’? Was that it? But we have to go to work in the morning… Haha!” Oh dear…

Anyway, this was the last such evening of the season. Next season there is an… interesting mix of these shows, including one with the music of The Eagles, another with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, a third that’s half and half The Doobie Brothers and Michael Jackson’s Thriller (???), and the fourth, which is ABC and features the lead singer from that group, or something. (Don’t look at me, my era was late 80s-early 90s hair metal.)

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