Oh, amen, sister: The saving grace of dogs

Ironically, the dog that loves me the most isn’t mine. And I don’t have any dogs (right now). I have a cat, and as cats go he’s very cool, but he will never be a dog. (I think Sherry likes him more than I do, but we do okay.)

The mother of all walkabouts.

The rain departed, the sky cleared, the temperature rose. Clearly a day to be outside! And so followed about 3.5 hours of walking. 🙂

Melle’s place in Waterloo to Sherry’s place in Kitchener (with a brief stop before at City Cafe Bakery for pizza and a brownie). A circuit around Victoria Park. A side trip over behind St. Mary’s Hospital to see the house Sherry’s interested in. Back to Sherry’s, and then back home.

red shrub

mini daffodils

These were the mini variety, maybe six inches high. So cute!

red flowers - tulips?


Iron Horse Trail graffiti

Apparently the local graffiti artists have a taste for haiku. This one is by a Japanese poet named Sodo.

Iron Horse Trail graffiti

Another haiku, this one by another Japanese poet named Matsu Basho. Bit hard to read, so:

The usually hateful crow:
he, too — this morning,
on the snow!

Along the trail between Union Blvd. and a bit before the bridge where that graffiti is located, there’s a swamp, and the frogs were singing today (mating calls, I guess?) And it occurred to me as I was walking by that it sounded like a Mennonite church — all in multi-part harmony. Heh, frog descant. 🙂

yummy baked goods at City Cafe Bakery

A MUST in KW — the baked goods at City Cafe Bakery. Rhubarb tarts, apple tarts, date squares, brownies…

City Cafe Bakery lunch

Best. Lunch. Ever. City Cafe woodfired pizza (chicken, pesto, and roasted red peppers) and a brownie. (Tip: eat outside, and let the brownie sit in the sun for a bit. Bliss.)

tulip tree

As if life isn’t good enough for the people who live in the stunning Victorians across from the park, they get views of blooming tulip trees beside the lake in spring…


forsythia twig

I was sore by the time I got home. It was only the second time I’d worn those sandals, so it could have been worse. I have a few blisters, but nothing major, I don’t think. The best part was laying down for a nap, having the cat curl up on my stomach, and then… oblivion. One of the finest naps I’ve ever had. Slept unmoving for two solid hours, and woke up gently and could tell by the light coming in the windows that some time had passed. I’m probably screwed for sleeping tonight, but who cares. 🙂

i has a necklace

This post is rather tardy, thanks to my own incompetence. However, I am filled with glee, so I must share.

I own this!

tree necklace

The colouring’s a bit wonky because the picture came out really orange-y, and the necklace looked gold, which it’s not. It was made just for me by this lovely woman on Etsy. I want the bangle in silver, too, but perhaps that’s more of a birthday request…

I also owe big props to this fine lady for alerting me to the existence of this magnificent jewellery in the first place. I have worn my tree a number of times already, and get compliments every time. 🙂

In other news, some random photos just for you.


Bunnies! Actually, this one’s for Sherry, since the wee buns are hypoallergenic at this distance. 🙂 At Waterloo Park there are three wee ones (that we saw): white, grey, and black.

Andrew and white zinfandel

In uni, my friends were engineers, and we tended to dare each other to drink the most awful crap. Apparently, nothing has changed. Andrew and I slaked my Lai Lai craving the other evening, and for some reason it seemed amusing at the time to have a bottle of Ernest & Julio Gallo White Zinfandel with it. (Andrew is reading the entertaining blurb on the back of the bottle.) I HOPE someone brought/gave that to Andrew/Paula, cuz otherwise, they are dead to me… Needless to say, the first sip took me back to being about 14. Why Andrew decided to pour it in juice glasses… I have no idea.

Serape tetra

I took this one this afternoon to show the guy at Big Al’s, since I couldn’t identify it online, and I wanted to get more. I like the sort of spareness to how the picture came out. Plus, hell, it’s a clear picture of a swimming fish. Go me! In any case, it’s a serape tetra, and I now have four of them (among other things).


A little while ago, they emailed around some updates to company policies, which included this:


[redacted] is vitally interested in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all associates. As a result, a fragrance awareness policy exists.

As you know, we have many employees who have environmental sensitivities, and who may suffer under conditions that are completely within our control. Things like heavy perfume, strong cologne, body and/or room sprays and large flower arrangements are examples of things that can cause a co-worker extreme discomfort and can, in some cases, require medical treatment. Even mild scents, if they trigger an allergic reaction, can cause such things as headaches, migraines, dizziness, itchy/watery eyes and sinus congestion.

This policy asks that everyone be cognizant of the sensitivities of others when you come into work. Please do not apply heavy scents before or after coming to work. Our policy doesn’t prohibit the use of any products; however, we do hope that each of us will be ‘fragrance-friendly’.

Now, it’s completely toothless to begin with. Either fragrances are allowed or they’re not. Because if they’re allowed there’s always going to be some scent that triggers someone’s allergies, and there’s always gonna be some clueless loser who baths in some cheap shit before coming to work. (Ever notice the people who reek only ever reek of crappy perfume/aftershave?) And I haven’t heard of anyone using room spray here, but it wouldn’t surprise me, and I have heard of loser co-workers who use it in cube farms elsewhere.

However, what makes this even more of a head-scratcher is that I walked into the ladies’ washroom this morning just in time to hear an odd, mechanical hissing noise, and then my nostrils were assailed with some nasty-ass synthetic floral/fruity air freshener. I don’t have allergies, but I do have a mild headache this morning, and it immediately ratcheted up by about 30%. Thanks, folks.

I emailed Facilities about it, wondering wtf, essentially, given how strong and cloying it was, and noting the aforementioned “fragrance awareness” policy. They replied back that they’d run a test with one in the main washroom, and “everyone seemed to love the Mango scent” (Mango?) and that they hadn’t had any complaints. However, they admittedly that the washrooms in the IT area were smaller and had less traffic, so perhaps it might be expedient to lower the frequency of the timer. Thank you for my concern.

Maybe I could use them for discrimination against the large-nostril’d…

“I used to think I knew…”

Finally finished We Need to Talk About Kevin last evening.

Very highly recommended. Not a nice book, or a pleasant, escapist read, by any means. And no, it doesn’t give any answers to Why These Things Keep Happening. But I think that’s a good part of its strength.

Through the middle I got into a bit of “Okay, I get it, moving on…?” territory, but it was the ending that made everything clear as to why it was like that, why it was necessary. Because that’s how life works — the repetition, the things you get used to, etc.

The ending provides the true impact of the book. The true sadness and humanity. Focus is drawn back to display the entire landscape, and it is that image that imprints itself. Definitely a book I would read again, and definitely a book that you could never read the same way twice. However, also a book that I don’t want to read again any time soon.


This is a picture I did not take of a wicked hot young dad rocking out with his giggling baby to the tinny, syncopated children’s music blaring from a display in the stationery aisle of Shoppers Drug Mart. 🙂

An observation…

“Something came up” is the most vague and weakest of excuses, yet at the same time speaks volumes about the person saying it…