‘Tis the time of year for reflections, best-of/worst-of lists, and predictions for the coming year. At least, all the other kids are doing it.

Enh. I write a lot. If you’ve been here any length of time, you already know what’s been going on. Besides, it’s all come to feel like it’s all part of a continuum. There will be days/weeks/years to come that are better and worse than 2005 or 2006. Last year I ended things with some quotes. This is similar.

This song came on Pandora the other week. It made me smile, and has done every time I’ve thought of or played it since.

This is where I am. This is my year in review, or, at least, where I’ve gotten to at this point.

Happy New Year.

Safe and Sound
Hawksley Workman (For Him and the Girls)

You slept through the last small town,
I’ll wake you up when the next one comes around.
Your eyes are closed, like you truly believe
You’re safe and sound with me

No looking back, no turning into salt.
The city was crumbling but, baby, we’re not to fault.
When things got too rough, I promised you we’d leave.
You’re safe and sound with me.

You’re safe and sound with me,
Just like you always will – just like you always will be.

The wipers clear the windshield of the rain.
My shirt sleeve dries your eyes the very same.
We fit together like the ignition and the key.
You’re safe and sound with me.

You’re safe and sound with me,
Just like you always will – just like you always will be.

You’re safe and sound with me,
Just like you always will – just like you always will be.

The glove box light shines bright enough to see.
You read the map like you were reading poetry.
And it just might take you forever to see,
That you’re safe and sound with me.

For anyone who requires something a little more epic to round out the year: poetry and kaboom. 🙂

Pondering and in wonder.

There is a woman I know who I tend to think, with some regularity, is nuts. Or at least somewhat senile. Somewhere in there. Somewhere a bit askew. Somewhere where I’m sure she makes sense to herself.

Then every now and then she’ll come up with something positively brimming with insight, kindness, wisdom, and usefulness. And it leaves me pondering and in wonder.

At those times she makes me think of Women of Old. Those sages and crones and queens and midwives and mothers of all that have shaped our archetypes and societies. Those women who were target numero uno when patriarchal crackdowns were deemed “necessary”. The most unknown and the most dangerous and the most sought out and the most valuable.

Makes me think that it’s something to aspire to. That the moments when people might think I’m nuts or senile are okay. I’ll know where I’m at. I’ll have earned the right to be askew. I’ll have lived enough not to care what others think. It would be very cool to leave people pondering and in wonder. And to be considered unknown and dangerous and sought out and valuable.

I’ve got a ways to go… 🙂

The Greatest Compliment.

“You’re not people.”

As a follow-up statement when spoken by a friend in the context of, “God, I SO cannot/do not want to deal with people right now/anymore…”


So Carbon Computing and I are BFF again. The staff all scurried over when I explained why I was returning the iTrip, and then the one guy took it out of the package and they all had an “Ahhhh…” moment… something to do with headphone jacks. There was technical muttering I couldn’t quite make out.

Anyway, no ass-handings, since the guy I initially dealt with wasn’t working, and random ass-handings to pleasant sales staff would see kinda rude. (The guy I talked to said he had no idea why the other dude would have told me the two items were compatible. I chalked it up to it being the holidays and him being busy. Cuz I’m benevolent like that.)

He processed the return no questions asked, automatically waived the re-stocking fee, said the the compatible iTrips should be out by late January/February (Griffin couldn’t quite manage to make it for Christmas), and apologized for the slight delay completing the refund when the computer tried to deduct two cents from the amount. Heh.

And he showed me that you can, in fact, right-click with Apple’s funny buttonless nipple mouse thingy. We shared assorted iPod anecdotes. (Why would someone exchange a black one for a WHITE one? Honestly…)

Plus, the chick working has glasses almost identical to mine, which means she has excellent taste. I believe her name is Jen.

And so now I will happily return in the new year when the updated iTrips are out, and procure one for my brother then. And possibly a red Nano for Melle at some point, too…

In case you were wondering…

The currently sold Griffin iTrip for the iPod Nano does NOT, in fact, work with the current generation 2GB Nano.

Even if the guy at Carbon Computing tells you it does when you specifically ask (after he notes that the design of the current gen Nano is slightly different than the previous one and, when connected to the iTrip, it won’t “sit flush”).

Which means I had to take back from him one of my brother’s Christmas presents. And which means CC guy is getting his ass handed to him tomorrow (and I will be getting my money handed to me) for marring my cool all-Apple-all-the-time selection of presents for my brother this year.

(I’m almost more annoyed at having to be annoyed with the guys at Carbon, since, prior to this, I really liked them.)

Things not present at Christmas last year.

Chad at Christmas

Idiot-sized grins. 🙂

Patience at Christmas

The poor girl’s first Christmas away from BC. Note the toque and scarf… while the rest of us were practically running around in shorts. (British Columbians are apparently as delicate as Californians.)

Sell out.

So as you may know, I don’t sell the sockmonkeys I make. Mostly because I like to be in control of the process – when, how, for whom, etc. The charity auction sockbeast will be a slight departure from that, but still, I chose to participate, so it’s all good.

I have, however, accepted a commission. Barter, if you will. A friend/co-worker of Andrew’s requested a sockmonkey for his wife. He even tried to help with button selection, though he admitted that he didn’t really get it. (Geeks never do. Andrew works with her, too, and was of even less help.) I agreed because they’re nice folks, and I’ve met them on a couple occasions (though I have now made sockmonkeys for people I had not yet physically met at the time, but since have had the pleasure of meeting). My commissioner also offered fine options for remuneration: his skills and wares as a dab hand at cheesecake-making or ice cream-smithing.

Being quite capable of creating my own cheesecakes (and not being a huge fan of them), and in keeping with my family’s general passion for the stuff, I chose ice cream. Which, delightfully, was delivered recently (I chose chocolate gingerbread). Impressively, not a single tell-tale spoon mark marred its sweet, creamy surface. (Andrew has been trained to fear my wrath, and occasionally it actually works!)

And might I say, the barter system? Damned fine idea. YUM. Especially the occasional morsel of crystallized ginger. Mmm…

I did not, however, have anything to do with the juvenile shenanigans undertaken by Andrew and the commissioner in trying to imply that the mysteriously created and whisked-away ice cream was for The Other Woman.