I have just returned home from transferring my brother’s aquarium residents to my place. I love aquariums. I find watching fish very soothing.

One small problem.

I remembered something kind of important once I had the wee net in hand: even the idea of touching fish grosses me the hell out. And aside from the fish, which are fairly small and nicely coloured and innocuous, there are two decent-sized algae eaters, and two eels. The algae eaters and eels are too big to really fit in the net. And they’re wiggly. Lordy. I covered the net with one of my brother’s lunch container lids while I transferred them. (At least they were easier to catch than the fish…) Oh, and did you know the eels make noises??? Glory be, I’ve got the bloody shrieking eels from The Princess Bride right here.

Anyway, everyone seems relatively comfortably ensconced in the spare aquarium for the moment. Chad is bringing over the main one tomorrow. Thing’s gonna need some scrubbing (though it’ll be rather less icky once he pitches all the remaining gravel in it).

And the best part? I get to buy more fishes! And squirt the hell out of the kitten who is entirely too enamoured with the new residents…

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