Snagged from here. In the same vein as all those times I got arrested… 🙂

The instructions: Enter your name and then “last I heard [she/he] was” into Google and see what happens.

She is originally from Wynyard and last I heard she was moving to Yorkton. (And presumably will have a cuppa at some point.)

Wonderful girl called Melanie, who after a complete lack of interest from girls in the 15 years
previously, suddenly announced she had fallen head over heels in love with me… [snipped]…

I got the last laugh though, last I heard she was shagging her way through assorted late-40s blokes (she’s now… 18-ish) from the base of her grotty Kentish council flat, and I’m happy in a stable relationship and am heading off to uni next year.

Mel, you are thoroughly pwned. If I ever end up in eastern Kent again, I’ll make sure I run into you.. and then back up over your broken, still-twitching corpse. (Hehe, read the full, entertaining rant here.)

Looking for Kit Mccoy, last I heard she was with World Airways out of the Bay area. (Splendid name.)

Last I heard she was screaming to have her tubes tied. (Screaming?)

…but last I heard, she was still going strong in middle age. (Umm… thanks?)

Last I heard, she was working as a copyeditor in New York. (Glaaaaam!)

Last I heard she was living with a man/significant other. I am her 20 year old daughter…
(Well, that’s something of a revelation…)

Last I heard she was out in Dubai… (Yorkton, the Bay area, New York… Man, I get around.)

…I will only say this: the last I heard she was living in a trailer outside of Sarasota with a man who trains chimpanzees. (Best! Google! Result! Ever!)

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