HS volunteer t-shirt

This is my new shirt. I got it today. And hey, I’ve only worked in the corporate world for a bunch of years, so clearly I have never known the joys of a free t-shirt.

It’s white. And not very heavy. Can see my bra through it kinda not-heavy. And I am to wear it for my Humane Society shifts. You know, the ones where I work. And get wet. And dirty. A couple of friends have suggested this is a new strategy on the part of the Humane Society.

Step 1: put on t-shirt.

Step 2: bath a dog… ideally a wiggly one – beagle puppy should do.

Step 3: crank the air conditioning.

Step 4: perform Customer Service duties.

“My God, Melle… How’d you get those guys to walk out of here with four kittens, three dogs, and 17 hamsters?!?!”


PS. For Andrew and Mark who claimed my blog needed more boobies – I have now posted two photos of my breasts (more or less) in a week. You’re welcome. 😛

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