Who needs children to take away our dignity?

Last evening Andrew and I took the boys for a walk. As dogs are wont to do, Gordie pooped – twice. This prompted a discussion of said poop, as it appeared to contain yellow nylon cord (requiring Andrew to assist in the removal of the first poop), two different kinds of identifiable hard plastic, a fragment of Saran Wrap, something that looked like potter’s clay, and one other beige, unidentifiable item. Incredible as it may sound, Gordie does get fed actual dog food, too, from time to time.

Not sure which is more telling, that it seemed perfectly normal to have this discussion, or that it seemed perfectly normal for the dog to have a poop that appeared to be 75% foreign objects. 🙂 (For the record, the beagle, being a member of that noble, “garbage eatin'” species, is an even worse scrounger.)

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