“…it’s that life doesn’t work the other way, either.” — Michelangelo Antonioni

Busy day. Weird day. Helped out a friend by doing something that felt kind of mean at the time. Helped someone else out through a rather insane series of coincidences (which I don’t believe are coincidences), which have left me pondering how life works. Got my taxes done tonight; getting money back is nice. There’s movement on the house, so fingers are crossed and egg shells are being walked on. May 1st… maybe? And my Grandpa had a couple of seizures yesterday and it sounds like he’s not going to last much longer, so I’ll take tomorrow off and go see him in the morning, and have emailed my parents, and will contact their travel agent to figure out the best way to get a call through to them on the ship. And we will figure things out from there.

Apparently there are still a few grown-up lessons yet to be learned. Going on autopilot for the time being. No secluded mountains with ocean views in sight.

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