Dana done tagged me…

I AM: adorable!
I WANT: geeks.
I WISH: I could do what my friends keep telling me to do. 🙂
I HATE: being disappointed by lingerie.
I MISS: domesticity.
I HEAR: a cat complaining that I won’t let him lick the ice cream dish.
I WONDER: a lot of things.
I REGRET: nothing.
I AM NOT: tall.
I DANCE: when I’m in the mood.
I SING: like Patsy Cline. 🙂
I CRY: on occasion.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: words and sockmonkeys.
I WRITE: a lot.
I CONFUSE: stupid people.
I NEED: some hot monkey lovin’!
I SHOULD: finish housecleaning.
I START: disorganized.
I FINISH: very thoroughly.
I TAG: Nobody. Free will, baby!

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