Today at lunch I bought a new phone, some shoes, and a vanilla bean latte. I was thiiiiis close to buying an uber-sexy cowboy hat. I still might.

These are my shoes:


They are quite possibly the ugliest wearables I’ve ever owned. But comfy. The colour’s not as bright as it looks, which isn’t saying much, since many of the colours Crocs come in are veritably retina-searing. I nearly got the hot pink, but they fit funny.

I would also like to take this time to complain that when I give the phone people money, and they give me a phone, there is NO ACCEPTABLE REASON why this transaction should NOT include the transfer – without my intervention – of all my contacts from one phone to the other.

However, I am wildly enamoured with taking pictures of crap and emailing them. I already have a picture of Rob looking utterly terrified. You’d think he’d get used to me taking pictures of him all the time…

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