For Sherry.


The adventure continues. He’s made it downstairs now, and has given it a once-over bounding and sniffing. (He’s conquered the upstairs and main floor.) Except that then Crumb becomes prima donna extraordinaire and has a hissyfit (literally) and Zen goes scurrying back upstairs (or tries to cower into the tiniest ball possible if Crumb is on the stairs near him, thus requiring saving by benevolent humans, i.e. me).

Really, he brought it on himself. He climbed into the papasan chair. Little dude, not even *I* am allowed in that chair without permission. Of course, at the top of the stairs is the dog (terribly dangerous, what with being passed out from a vigorous dog park run earlier), which requires a running slide, a la Indiana Jones, under the couch, where one can then peek out in relative safety until the coast is clear. 🙂

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