Details about Ottawa Sherry just reminded me of…

  • I talked about it in the Flickr descriptions, but the American embassy kinda stands out on Sussex. It’s… not so much friendly. Grey and metal and bluely lit and with four physical security barriers between the street and the door. Whereas the seat of, y’know, Canadian government was staffed by people who’re downright jaunty, and who will let you photograph anything. (As opposed to the Merkans who have cameras on the fence photographing YOU.) Guess what, Merkans? I have brown eyes and it was dark. GOOD LUCK SCANNING MY RETINAS. 🙂
  • Mrs. American on our parliamentary tour had a mullet.
  • Rick Mercer is basically allowed the run of Parliament Hill. Sounds like he’s there a LOT. The Canadian Idol film crew, on the other hand? Yes, we do know who you are. Please leave.. Stellar.
  • After Martha’s in-depth explanation of the area where we were standing and what media scrums are and such, Sherry and I were, of course, compelled to ask about The Right Honourable Stephen Harper’s recent decision to cancel the scrums so that the ministers can’t, y’know, talk. In public. Sherry supplied a handy rugby comparison to Mr. American to explain what the scrums were. Just replace burly men in shorts with reporters.
  • An amusing conversation ensued when Martha asked if anyone knew why Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as Canada’s capital. (It wasn’t even on the short list sent to her, but HAMILTON was.) We called a spade a spade and said that besides all the play-nice-Upper-and-Lower-Canada stuff, it was partly to protect us from the Merkans. Hell, if they can’t FIND it, they can’t ATTACK it. Hee!
  • Apparently the giant spider sculpture out front of the National Gallery is called Maman and cost $3.2 million. We called it Spider with Eggs and Flags.
  • The coke whore’s accessorizing dildo was pearlized. And matched her purse.

That is all.

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