Corporate culture.

Our CFO was leaving today the same time I was. I saw which car is his. Huh.

At the last place I worked, the upper echelons (all male, natch) were fans of the expensive German rolling stock. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche. We had an ex-pat Australian President who liked to start his day off in the winter by doing doughnuts in the parking lot in his M5. Oy. It was always pretty obvious who was Us and who was Them.

At my current company, the CEO drives a Mazda 6. The CFO drives a Corolla. Huh. Certainly sends a different message. Vaguely bothersome, too. Kinda like… you’re among the most visible reps of the company, and you’re driving compacts. How well can we be doing?

And yet, I had my annual review yesterday. It went really well. That never used to happen. And May is coming soon. I’m not worried about losing my job. That never used to happen.

Maybe I should get a Corolla, too. 🙂

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