The look for spring is apparently monster platforms and skyscraper stilettos.

So of course yesterday I bought Crocs. πŸ™‚

Shoes like that are like jewelry for me. I love to look. I have excellent taste. But I don’t own much, or wear much. My taste tends to outstrip my means (my favourites of the ones shown in that article are the greens ones, second from left, which retail just under $800USD). And the way I move and the things I do make things like big earrings and rings and tall, tight shoes annoying. Besides, no diamond deserves to go through a shift at the Humane Society. πŸ™‚

I remember reading an article shortly after 9/11, when we were all in that phase of “is X ever going to be the same again?” As it happened, the season just prior to and occurring when 9/11 happened was similar to this one. The Look was feminine, seductive, and somewhat extreme. At the time, it was all about the Manolo Blahniks, and I recall reading about prototype stilettos that had a three or four inch titanium heel – of similar dimensions to a finishing nail. Oddly, killing someone with one of those shoes would have been easier than wearing a pair of them.

And that was one of the main points in the article I read – how in these expensive high-heeled designer shoes, women couldn’t run. Not to catch a train, not to escape an attacker, not to flee down several dozen flights of stairs in a building that had been hit by a plane. The article speculated that we would never again see such extravagent fashion (there was a lot of hyperbole in those days…) And, indeed, wider shoes and lower heels were the in thing before too long.

However, our collective memories are short, I guess. These heels aren’t made of titanium, but many of them wouldn’t be out of place in a fetish club, and they are all about flaunting and seduction, not comfort and wearability. They’re nicely symbolic of some of the kinds of women who’ll be buying them. Something to encourage standing still and being seen and suffering for fashion.

I’m with Pink. I think the shoes and the attitude that accompanies them are an epidemic I’ll happily skip.

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