Wee Froggie

This is Wee Froggie. He is probably my favourite thing that I brought back from Australia (besides the experience). He is a necklace (in case that wasn’t obvious), which I bought at the gift shop at the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, which are a couple hours inland (west) of Sydney.

I have a couple of talismans (not sure if I actually believe in good luck charms per se), and Wee Froggie is one of them. I have worn him on dates and to job interviews. I have had people try to buy the necklace and had people try to reach out and touch it while it was on my neck. (Don’t ever do that.)

I wear Wee Froggie when I want to feel lucky, or when I’m going to do something important, or when I am meeting someone and want it to go well. Or, sometimes, just because he makes me smile.

I had thought I’d lost him for a spell, a couple years ago. I tore my dresser, desk, and jewelry boxes apart, but he was nowhere to be found. The day I did find him he was in one of my jewelry boxes, in amongst the other doodads, perfectly visible. I’d taken everything out of that box individually when I’d looked for the necklace, so I’ve yet to quite figure that out. Finding him again made that day very good.

If you meet me and I’m wearing Wee Froggie, be flattered. It means I want us to get along very well. If I’m not wearing him, don’t think too much of it. Whatever I’m wearing just might have gone better with other jewelry. And if you’re one of my friends, don’t make anything of it at all, since you’ve probably seen me wearing it a million times. 🙂

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  1. There was this cool episode (?film?) and I think it was “Twilight Zone”. Anyway, it had William Shatner in it, so maybe Dana will know. In it, there is a set of keys that go missing and then they turn up again on the dresser and eventually they figure out that there are these beings who are “writing” time as we go, and sometimes they miss stuff, like keys. Or wee froggies.

    So, just bad continuity?

  2. There are two episodes of the Twilight Zone with Bill in them, but I have no idea which one it is that features a key.. (there’s one about an airplane, however, that still gives me the creeps!) Now, of course, I’m going to have to FIND it…

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