I thought this movie was very cool. I admit I knew and still know pretty much nothing about the graphic novels. However, it falls under the Melle movie category of “epic”, and thus I love it. It had romance, both of the people and cultural variety. It had great symbolism. It had a message – an honest message that places responsibility on the shoulders of the average person – something unpopular in this day and age. It had explosions. It had art and music and beautifully classical theatrical training and gorgeous red roses. It had Hugo Weaving’s voice and knives (I love both). It is a movie that knows the power of a moment and the impact of a carefully crafted image. And it didn’t stoop to the stereotypically Hollywood dumbing down of two “revelations” I expected, which I appreciate.

Won’t say more than that, since there are many kinds of spoilers in a movie like this. Good stuff, though, and I suspect, if I knew more about the graphic novels, and about history and art and music and rhetoric, that I would be dizzy now from the symbolism I missed.

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