Tomorrow at work, as the culmination of wacky fun Spring Break week, it is Trivia Day. (We’re also supposed to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day.) However, since I can say with 99.9% certainty that any trivia challenge they think up will be lame (and probably related to the business), I have decided to thwart them by creating my own. Of course, these are the days of Google, so there really is no such thing as a hard question. Unless you’re playing Qwyzzle. Fucking Qwyzzle.

The winner gets… I dunno. Maybe a sockmonkey, maybe kick in the bum, maybe nothing. Depends on my mood. And if you already have a sockmonkey or I’ve kicked you in the bum. 🙂

1) What are kothornoi?

2) What do scientists believe really wiped out all the snakes in Ireland?

3) Sinzibuckwud is an Algonquin word for what?

4) Which Australian cricket player is known as “the keg on legs”?

5) On which planet is Gusev Crater located?

6) In the tv series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who killed Miss Kitty Fantastico?

7) In what book does the ship the Pharaon appear?

8) The cattle that end up as Kobe beef are fed what beverage?

9) Who named the colour “puce”?

10) In what region of the world did Australian Shepherds originate?

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