Late fall/early winter, about three years ago, I received a wedding-type invitation. I say wedding-type because it wasn’t for a wedding. It was for a pre-wedding reception (private ceremony to follow).

The happy couple was “Brenda and Andre”. Problem was, I had no idea who that was. I wondered if it was a mistake delivery, but my name and address were all perfectly correct. Eventually (I forget what sparked it), I figured out that the Brenda in question was one of the cousins on my Dad’s side, youngest daughter of my Dad’s only sister. From there I recalled that I’d met Andre for about ten seconds at my grandpa’s 90th birthday party. Ahh. Amusingly, the next time I spoke to my brother and several cousins, I found out they’d had the same confusion I’d had. Heh.

Anyway, the “reception” was a private showing of It’s a Wonderful Life at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo shortly before Christmas. I didn’t go, but my parents did. The invitation noted that the actual wedding was planned for “the new year” (so a few weeks later).

Then Mom mentioned something last weekend about that reception and the wedding to follow. There was apparently a slight delay. Of three years. You see, they were just recently married. Mom found out from my aunt, when she was invited to the post-wedding bridal shower. (These people apparently do nothing in the prescribed order.) And sure enough, on Monday my invitation to the shower arrived. Apparently they got married recently, and apparently they now live in the States. (“Due to US Border concerns, we’ve set up a money tree in lieu of gifts.”) Who knew? Last I knew she lived in Cambridge. Granted, this is one of the cousins who never comes to family events.

But hell, until I got the original invitation I thought she was a lesbian, so hey, I guess she’s getting around to being traditional about some things. Fortunately, my barren, single, tattooed self (and brother) are still holding the fort of familial non-conformity.

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  1. I think I know that couple! Is your counsin Brenda’s last name Richardson? Post-wedding bridal shower – that is a new concept!

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