I like to consider myself a fairly observant person. However, I also freely admit that I have moments of senility that would win me a spot at bingo in my grandpa’s nursing home.

By request (we were ALL ABOUT the spontaneity) Andrew got me a microwave two Christmases ago. It was clearly a microwave chosen by a geek. It’s stainless steel. Inside and out. (Since when can they make the inside of microwaves metal?) It has a grill stand and a grilling element. Yes, a grilling element. Most of all, though, it’s shiny, all over. I am very fond of it, especially since my previous microwave had literally gotten to the point where it couldn’t heat water.

I remember removing protective plastic film from the front of it when I got it, and unwrapping the glass plate that goes inside and all that. And then I cheerfully piled kitchen crap on top of it and forgot about anything but the making of hotness for a year and a bit.

And then the other evening while I was making hot chocolate, I noticed a rough edge between the body and the door on the right side. I looked down, and scratched at it a bit with my fingernail… I thought it was a fragment of leftover plastic film I’d missed (the side of the microwave sits pretty close to the stove, so I don’t see it much). I looked closer and scratched it some more… and then realized that the entire microwave (with the exception of the door) is still covered in plastic film. And has been all this time. Even worse, it’s not clear. It’s blue. I thought the blue tinge was just the metal it’s made out of.

So I got to have fun ripping plastic film off. And HOLY CRAP, I thought it was shiny before, but now, it’s like chrome. I refrained from stroking it gently, lest I leave fingerprints…

I did not, however, leave any burners on last night, so it’s been, y’know… at least a week… 🙂

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