This evening I had the good fortune to be invited along as Sherry’s date (with her and her friends) to have dinner and see a show: The Song Remains the Same: The Music of Led Zeppelin, at Centre in the Square. The premise of the thing being that the symphony rocks out with a cover band for various theme shows. Last night was Queen. Apparently tonight was supposed to have been ABBA. It made for many entertaining jokes and song requests.

My favourite piece was Black Dog, I think. Kashmir leant itself well to the whole symphony experience, of course. As did the encore (Stairway to Heaven, natch – it was pretty splendid when the lead singer and I mocked high school dances in the same way). Sherry was in retro rocker girl heaven. πŸ™‚ It was funny how often we had to give props to various soloists, sections, or the symphony and band in general. It’s like… people, it’s your JOB, I should HOPE you can play this stuff. Sheesh.

From the beginning, the lead singer’s package was very distracting. He apparently does not believe in supportive undergarments, and his jeans were just snug enough in places that you frequently got a look at… pretty much all there was to see. Especially when he stood with his legs apart and tapped his foot. Eek! Even scarier were the occasional ‘O’ faces. And really scary was the “sexy” leer when he was informing us about how many inches of his love he was going to give us… Meep!

Fortunately, way more awesome than the lead singer was the middle bass player (in the symphony, not the band’s bass player). He was an older gentleman, probably in his 60s, bald, with half-moon bifocals. He alternated between rocking out in that most awesome old white dude way, and snapping back into I am a serious artiste! mode. I believe the bow was even brandished on occasion. Truly, when the audience was instructed to throw up the horns, he had earned them. (Ever thrown up the horns at the symphony before?) \m/

Overall, good music, plenty of fun, quite interactive. And thank God it wasn’t ABBA… πŸ™‚

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