This morning upon leaving the house I could smell spring again. Still trying not to get my hopes up. Got even harder to do after I bought another two clamshells of strawberries at the Market. 🙂

I get WAY too much enjoyment and make way too big a production out of selecting dish soap. But hell, when your sense of smell is like mine, after a couple of washes, a lot of them are just synthetic and nasty. At present we are going with a classic lemon.

Udder Cream is excellent stuff. Smells a lot like Nivea. Moo!

Shoppers carries Method now. (Andrew, did I mention that to you?) 🙂 Many thanks to Dana for introducing me to them at Target. So far I have seen laundry stuff, cleaning stuff, and the liquid hand soap. Hoping the body stuff comes next. Mmm… olive body wash…

There’s sex, and then there’s sex. Wow.

For the first time in two years-ish, there is almost zero evidence of rosacea on my face. And there was much rejoicing. I hope this continues to be the case when I see my dermatologist in a week and a half…

Crumb has an orange checkboard on his tummy. He has learned to run away when he rolls even partially onto his back and hears me start hollering “Tummy! Tummy! Tummy!” (Yes, I know I should never be allowed to have children…)

I second Nicole ‘s sentiments: “Uhh…” Vulva Original. (NSFW, but lots of boobies.)

I currently own 74 rubber ducks. I should arrange them together and take a picture.

My car repair bill was the cheapest one I’ve ever gotten. Basically because the tire alignment “problem” was my own stupid fault for forgetting to keep an eye on the pressure of the right front tire, and the grease injection seems to have dealt with the right lower ball joint (aka squealing steering) problem. That was a beautiful and refreshing change. However, the pondering of what’s going to replace Giuseppe has started. (Depends when Dad retires, really.)

Pig ears, while a favourite of dogs everywhere, are really freakin’ gross.

Cinnamon buns from the Market are the Best Breakfast Food EVER. And it makes me giggle to walk in there and see Markham girls (I forget how the sects all work – they wear “modest” clothes and white head coverings) talking on cell phones. 🙂

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