Let it never be said that the internet is not a cheap source of entertainment… and an unlimited source of crazy fuckers. (This has been pasted verbatim.)

Stephen says: my name is steve by the way
Melle says: Nice to meet you, Steve. Melle.
Stephen says: a short form for a longer name?
Melle says: Melanie
Melle says: I’m getting ready to head out shortly, so I’m not going to be the most interesting conversationalist this morning.
Stephen says: thats ok… im in the same boat… my errand list is long
Stephen says: so what is your background?
Stephen says: mine is hungarian/ lithuanian
Melle says: German, far as we know. No specifics, though, really – I’m adopted.
Melle says: Does anyone actually care about that anymore?
Stephen says: actaully i do… sub consciously people take on traits of their home country i see sometimes
Melle says: Given that for most Canadians their “home” country is Canada and all…
Stephen says: agreed… but genetically im talking
Melle says: Right.
Melle says: Bullshit.
Melle says: And presumably you can tell a person’s personality by zodiac sign as well?
Stephen says: i have heard that you try to eat the food that your ancestors had where they originally came from
Stephen says: this is why some people are lactose in tolerant and some are not
Stephen says: some can handle heavy grains and some not
Stephen says: etc etc
Stephen says: it all has to do with what foods your ancestor were exposed to way back
Melle says: Gotcha.
Melle says: Dude, you sound like a nutter.
Stephen says: nope… quite normal actually
Stephen says: i just like to look a little deeper at why things are the way they are
Melle says: Clearly, you are a man of vision.
Stephen says: perhaps… everything has a rhyme and reason.. or at least i try to seek it out
Melle says: Fair enough.
Stephen says: so what are your plans for today?
Stephen says: what is the typical day of Melle?
Melle says: Actually, I’m afraid I’ve gotta head out in about a minute.
Stephen says: me too… talk to you later
Stephen says: ciao

1 Comment on “Optimus Prime is JEWISH?!”

  1. Heh. Clearly a typical day of Melle should involve potatos and sausage at the very least. And maybe steins of beer? Black Forest cake?

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