Haven’t been taking many pictures lately. My eye is definitely off. Time to get back into it so I am ready for spring! And so you get to share in my efforts. Shall we?


This is the wall behind where I had my papasan chair. I didn’t notice the damage until it got to that point… oops. I’ll fix it when I decide to move out. No point now. Fortunately I’ve gotten pretty handy with drywall compound and paint. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I rent, I would never intentionally have walls that colour…)

Prince Eric and Kevin Costner in Waterworld

This is Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. My ex’s sister got him for me after we had the “Who’s the hottest Disney character?” discussion, and I was the first person who’d ever agreed with her on Prince Eric. The other fellow is Kevin Costner as his Waterworld character. You totally had to be there to understand why I have that. Needless to say, it was bought on clearance…


This is my corkboard. I keep track of stuff there. It’s fairly bare, since I cleaned it off a couple months ago. Still have the important quotes, some poetry, photos, directions to people’s houses, postcards from friends, seeds, Dana’s birthday card, business cards, wine labels, etc…

Mexican wrestling mask

This is the Mexican wrestling mask Andrew brought back from Mexico City for me. We’d only been going out a couple months when he went there. It was pretty impressive that he knew the perfect thing to get for me. I wore it two Hallowe’ens ago, as Numero Cinco. It is much coveted by males of my acquaintance. It is being worn currently by Raggedy Ann. ๐Ÿ™‚


This is possibly the finest specimen in my collection of tacky souvenirs. My only regret is that the friends who bought it for me didn’t get the larger version that lights up. I am feeling the need to purge a lot of the collection. I don’t need it anymore. And I’ve moved on… to SkyMall!


This is some weird ceremonial knife thingy my friend Chris brought back from Singapore for me. It’s not sharp, but I wouldn’t want to be stabbed with it. Neat conversation piece.

Tims mug and teapot

This is the Timmy’s mug and teapot Dana got me for Christmas. They’re ugly. And so awesome. I have no idea why I coveted this teapot so much. I already own two teapots. But it makes me grin. I also have a thing for photographing Timmy’s stuff with the sepia filter on.


Dana made these magnets for me. They’re on my fridge. Whatever you need at any given time, you move that magnet (or magnets) next to your name. I moved them all around me just for photographic purposes. Feel free to send me any and all of those items. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. The “paint” photo is a perfect expression of the fragility of existence, the impermanence of the tangible, the beige sameness of the routines we so easily fall into. Bravo.

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