Rob got back from holidays today. He didn’t actually go anywhere or do anything special, Mark just made him take a week off since a project that Rob has been a slave to for nine months is winding up, and because Rob works too much, and because the guys have to go to Chicago in a couple weeks for more work (and, presumably, a lot of eating and drunkenness).

As a result, Rob is very grouchy today. Fortunately for my entertainment, Grouchy Rob is fun, cuz he’s really good at it, and I’m one of the few people he’ll email, because he doesn’t care if he presents a positive front. Even better? Today’s WAC-ky Spring Break festivities include… the Scavenger Hunt! I only wish he’d been the source of one of the answers, so people would have had to come by and ask him, or bombard him with emails. Hee!

Because, you see, Rob’s veneer of tolerance is gone. When you go to work, five days a week, 50 or so weeks a year (in North America…), you become accustomed to your environment. You get used to the mundane tasks, annoying quirks of your co-workers, and baffling “vision” of management. It takes really impressive screw-ups or ignorance to raise your ire.

But then you go on vacation. Even a short vacation. And the veneer vanishes. Your routine is interrupted and you only have to hang out with people you like (or no one at all) and you enjoy luxuries like drinking on school nights and wearing your jammies all day (unless you actually go away, in which case it’s even better).

And then you go back to work and you start wading through your email backlog and listening to voice mails and get asked 157,926 times how your vacation was and you process zillions of meeting requests… and you notice you’re getting grouchier. Are these people always so stupid/nosey/clueless/pushy? Was this report always so useless? Was this application always so user UNfriendly?

And if you’re lucky, not only will the usual back-to-work hangover occur, but your office will be awash in Post-it notes. Or it’ll be a Special Fun Week to perk people up. Brought to you by rainbows and unicorns and your Social Committee. And that will make you even snarkier and more bitter and make the emails to your adoring co-workers ever the more entertaining.

God bless vacations.

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