This is Jessie. She’s not my parents’ dog. Which is why she’s begging to get in the back door. They feed her, though. As does everyone else in the neighbourhood, which is why she should be a 75lb dog and is a 100+lb dog. She’s also ugly enough to make Gordie look like a supermodel. However, she is one of the friendliest dogs on the planet. Unfortunately, she is also a farm dog who rarely gets bathed, and is a very big dog, so the friendliness is not always welcome.

I met her when she was an eight-week-old puppy. She was adorable. Just as friendly, but a minute fraction of the size. And given her rather mixed heritage, she looked like a patchwork quilt. Black patches and blue merle patches and blonde patches. Her predecessor, Ralph, lived to be 17, and was finally put down after someone accidentally ran over him with a truck, and he wasn’t recovering very well. (He’d also been hit by the train twice.)

Master-Bait Farm truck

This truck was behind me in the drive thru at the Harriston Tim Hortons. The lettering on the door is backwards because I took this in my side view mirror. Perhaps it’s too small for you to make out what it says. Let me assist:

“Making Money Hand Over Fist”

Classiest. Truck. Ever.

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