I have not eaten chocolate today. I have also not killed anyone. I am civilized. Dammit

George sometimes brings in flavoured coffee and brews up a carafe for the folks in our area. Thanks to overdosing on flavoured coffees in my youth, I’m not usually a fan, but today he brought cranberry, and I decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly good (it would have been cloying drunk any way but black). And it smelled wonderful. Not for all the time, but I might just have to pick up some beans.

Sherry and I are dining here in Ottawa: E18hteen. Thai pumpkin bisque intrigues me, since, if it’s any good, I bet I can make it. The mere idea, however, of milk chocolate espresso creme brulée brings me to my knees… It might just be enough to make me buy ramekins…

Oh, and on Saturday we’re gonna get liquored. 🙂

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