My brother seems to be really liking his new job (which I found and applied to for him, heh). Granted, he’s only been working there for two days now, but in two days he’s put in 27 hours. And if he sounds that happy at 10pm on a Saturday night after a 14-hour day, then I think it’s a good sign. Why couldn’t he have been a geek? With his ridiculous capacity for work he could have been impressive stuff indeed.

Also good – I moved my bed and VOILA! My missing slipper sock was behind it just as I suspected. It is now washed and back with its mate. Just in time for spring when I won’t need it anymore… 🙂

Oh, and the cat is on the bed grooming his tummy. I LOVE when he does that, because he sits on his bum and hunches over and his front legs splay cuz he’s porky and it’s all checkerboard orange Buddha belly all the time. Poke! Poke! Poke!

In other news, thank goodness the internet is open 24 hours, cuz when the three-battery silver bullet bites it, one simply cannot rely on the two-button one. It’s SO NOT THE SAME. And yes, I have just told you rather more about me than you ever wanted to know. That’s because this page has MY NAME at the top and not yours. Hee!

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