Good places to eat in Chicago?

Couple co-workers are going to Chicago at the end of the month. One of them has been there before, but he didn’t really plumb the depths (or heights) of the culinary experience. I’ve told him of the handful of good places I went to while I was there. Any recommendations from those in the know? They’ll have a car, so location isn’t a big factor. I kinda got the impression that one could gleefully eat oneself to death in that town…

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  1. Place one that you can’t miss: Redfish
    Place two that you can’t miss: Big Bowl

    And the place to go for REAL pizza while the tourists are going to Pizza Uno: “My Pi” up in Lincoln Park, right on Clark about halfway from downtown to Wrigleyville

    And yes, your impression is correct.

  2. OMG Melle I was in Chicago a bunch of years ago and we went to this one place and while the food was good the ambiance ROCKED! The waitresses were rude, they pretty much threw your cutlery in front of you and the whole atmosphere was that “here – take it!” There was this big bar with bras hanging from it – if you gave them your bra you got something (can’t recall…) I know my description of it sounds not-so-appealing but seriously if I knew what this place was called I would tell you – it was a BLAST!

    Ahhh I found it! (gotta love Google) It’s called Dick’s Last Resort!! ( Now I don’t know anything about your co-workers – I do know that you would get a wild kick out of this place. So yeah, if they are looking for high-end cuisine this is NOT the place, but if they are looking for some fun this is awesome 🙂

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