When one is testing notes functionality (not Notes, thank the deities), one must type snippets of text many times.

Versions of the word “test” and “123” are fine, but uninspired. Now, Guns ‘n’ Roses lyrics, on the other hand… that’s inspiration.

The question arises, though… is it a wasted opportunity when this functionality is going to be reviewed by the offshore guys in India? And, if not, could there be anything more awesome than Indian developers throwing up the horns in celebration of the genius that is Axl?

I would like to dedicate this musing to Sherry, and the number 8, and the colour “acid-washed”.

I would dedicate it to Dana, too, but Dana still takes Axl seriously… and worships Shatner, so she kinda scares me…

One Reply to “Entertainment.”

  1. I am waiting to hear the entire new GnR album before I make my final decision on Axl. The man COULD be a genius still, y’know. And he COULD get rid of those freaky cornrows that don’t hide his balding-ness. And he COULD have retained some non-psycho personality traits after a decade or more alone in a castle on a hill with only the spiders to talk to. I mean, ANYTHING is possible…

    (But if that album sucks? Oh, the mocking.. The MOCKING of that man shall commence and I’ll toss the first stone.)

    And the Shatman? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with Bill, honey.

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