Unwed Fathers Fight for Babies Placed for Adoption by Mothers.

Clearly the system is a mess and unequal and unfair. Clearly reproduction is messy and unequal and unfair. However, I have issues with the idea of people or single persons raising children that are not universally wanted and welcome. I have issues with the “rights” of people in highly emotionally-charged situations. I have issues with children making adult decisions. Especially since, in these situations, if there are offspring involved, the children can become bargaining chips, the means of inflicting pain, or the ropes in a tug of war.

I have issues with the idea that anyone could have forced my brother and I to grow up in another place, with other families. With families who had “rights”. In my case, who knows who I would have been. I’m pretty resourceful. In my brother’s case, it would have been a death sentence.

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