The third sockmonkey from the last batch has finally been named. And no, it’s not Carl.

The triumverate is: Murph, Mabel, and Max. Melle approves of this naming convention. (Murph is Lola’s twin.)

And now we await the unveiling of Michelle’s sockmonkey’s name.

Of the last four sockmonkeys, their owners, and their maker, only one individual doesn’t have an M name. And that is Rena (Melle, Marrq, Mark, Michelle, Murph, Max, and Mabel). We will try not to think any less of her. Granted, if Michelle’s sockmonkey’s name ends up being Xavier or something, then it all goes pear-shaped. (Michelle’s sockmonkey is a girl, so naming it Xavier would make it a hooker monkey.)

Amusingly, the next sockmonkey is for my Mom, whose name is Marlene. And possibly the next person after that is also an M name. But today is the first day of spring, so it’s entirely possible neither of these sockmonkeys will be made til next winter.

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