So last Friday, the local Tim’s (about which I have complained before), screwed up the third of my last five coffees. (That’s 60% for those of you who are math-inclined.) Seeing as that exceeded their approximate average of a 50% screw-up ratio, it was time to take action. (Well, that and that they’ve become a frequent joke around the office, and I have now heard relatives and other local business people complain about them.)

So I wrote a complaint letter (email, actually). I kept it polite, occasionally sarcastic, sincere, sane, but clearly unimpressed by the ridiculousness of the customer experience at this Timmy’s. I won’t paste the whole thing here, since it’s fairly long. I used several specific examples, highlighting the extraordinary slowness of the service, the incompetence of the staff, and the unprofessional behaviour I’d witnessed on multiple occasions. I said I didn’t know if it was a bad location for hiring and keeping good staff, or if it was such a licence to print money that the owner and managers just didn’t care, or what, but the place was becoming legendary, and, without hyperbole, it was the worst franchise I’d patronized. And hell, I’m a Canadian in my 30s, I’ve been to dozens. (The one Andrew and I stopped at in Cornwall during a torrential downpour might have been worse, but since I’ve only been there once, it doesn’t compare, and it’s Cornwall’s problem, not mine.) And in any case, I had grown accustomed to a couple of franchises in Waterloo that had equal or even greater volume, and they ran like machines.

So anyway, within a few minutes I received an auto-response acknowledging receipt of my email. Today a woman named Bridget from head office left me a voicemail, and said they were going to forward my email to the district manager, who would address the complaints with the store owner. We shall see if it makes any difference. I will probably call Bridget back tomorrow and thank her for getting back to me.

Now, I am not personally known at this Timmy’s, but my email sig (for work) has my name and work address in it. (The Timmy’s is two blocks away.) And so, I have informed Joan, who has custody of the Big Stick, and Jim and George, two quite large men in IT Services, that should I get called up to Reception for ANY reason in the next while, I am either taking the Stick, or the guys, with me. Trying to improve coffee drinking experiences for all Ontarians is one thing, but getting beat down by minimum-wage-earning angry people in beige visors is something else entirely. đŸ™‚

Plus, I haven’t won a damned thing in Roll Up the Rim this year, so they really brought it on themselves…

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