Eastward ho!

Sherry and I are off to our lovely nation’s capital tomorrow morning. At the indecent hour of 6:41am, according to Via Rail. Contrary to Andrew’s assumption, I will not be bringing my laptop. Amazingly, I can survive hours in transit with only old skool media like books and conversation to entertain me, and nothing but a notebook and pen to record my adventures. And it’s not like we’ll be sans CrackBerry or anything… Of course, the flask is also coming. Whee!

Hopefully I will have grand tales to tell come Sunday evening when I return. And pictures. Cross your fingers that Eric Draven is right and that it can’t rain all the time.


I try not to learn about what the companies I work for do. It’s not by choice, you understand. Really it’s because at Descartes, not even they really knew what they did, and it was all terribly confusing and had to do with “rooting and shed-yule-ing” and was impossible to explain to your mom. And now? It’s insurance. This is not interesting to anyone. Except Insurance People. And they should be contained.

Aaaaaanyway, today we had our quarterly company meeting. And for once, there was something interesting! Fraud! One of the Directors presented on insurance/healthcare fraud and some stats and examples and how we detect it and what we do about it. As with anything, it was the examples I most enjoyed. Like the couple who had seven emergency medical claims within two years. That’s some seriously unlucky travelling they’re doing… And the guy who made the purchase protection claim for the laptop that was stolen out of his car. He’d done everything right to “minimize risk”. He hid the laptop as best he could, he locked the doors, he activated the car alarm… and he left the convertible roof open. Brilliant! Under our Director’s fraud classification system, this fell under the category of: You’ve Got To Be Kidding. 🙂


There is nothing more perfect for making you feel better about lunch-related trauma (i.e. eating a giant mushroom and getting rear-ended by a transport truck) than the flamboyant shock and drama in the reaction of a gay chef when you tell him about it. (People with blue eyes make the best shocked faces.)

And then he gives you a sausage. 🙂


“Figure”, when repeated several times, loses its meaning very quickly. And makes me think “Sigur” (like Sigur Ros, which is much too ambient and makes me sleepy), which is one of those words you just want to pronounce repeatedly and dramatically in a Seinfeldian fashion.

That is all.


When did the verb “hit” become standard and acceptable terminology for instructional documentation? Hit Enter. Hit Add. Hit F5.

I feel the urge to pull on some starched white cotton gloves and pour tea, dammit.


My brother has a sunburn. I saw him this morning. Chest, shoulders, arms. He was off work yesterday, so I know they were out on the deck in the camp chairs. Dude could get a sunburn in the dark, I swear. Ahh well, I hope he and the lads were kicking back with a few beers. He’s been working hard.

However, my brother being sunburned is definitely a sign that the nice weather is upon us, so his future melanoma does cheer me up in a way…

In other news, Mom and I were updating the Family Expenses. She accidentally typed ‘m’ instead of ‘k’. My brother owes us both MILLION$!!! Sweet…

I so get this.

The rest of the pie.

Except I’m a little different. I don’t think anyone would classify me as “delicate” or use the word “spells” to describe my behavioural abnormalities. Not even in the Victorian era. 🙂

Dunno about the penis thing, though. Gotta try that…