From Dana. My friends are clearly NOT insane. 🙂

I had a dream that I met your ‘birth mother’ outside a concert. I don’t know what concert, but she was standing out front waiting for someone (a taxi, maybe?). She was black. And she had a makeup artist working on her. I was walking by with Coffee and she shouted, “HEY! YOU KNOW MY KID!” and I stopped and said, “Who? Who’s your kid?” She responded with a name (which I can’t remember) and I said, “No, no idea who that is.” and started walking again.

She grabbed my arm, and said, “[me]. You know her.” at which point I started laughing and said, “Um, okay, YOU’RE Melle’s Mom?” and she said, ” Yeah, I’m black, but I haven’t always been black, y’know. PEOPLE CHANGE.”

So then she starts telling me all about your OTHER life – the one where you’re black, too. And how you’re very popular with the teachers in your school and how all of your friends are so devoted to you (but white, sadly) and I’m totally freaking out because, well, you’re WHITE
so clearly this woman is on crack. She starts talking about how being black is an evolution from being white – and how you’ll eventually be black again…

So there. You’re black. Weirdest fucking dream I’ve had in AGES.

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