I spent the morning with my brother – pre-showing housekeeping.

It’s both fascinating and exhausting spending several hours with him. Like a young child who is fully verbal and mobile. The input is non-stop, unfiltered, and you can’t focus on any one thing, cuz you can be sure he doesn’t. Plus, in this instance, it was him in raw form, no chemicals, in a good mood, and with sufficient sleep. I swear in the space of 20 seconds he sang a snippet of some song, told me a joke about a blow job, complained about his biological father, and started talking about some guy who works with a friend of his. There was lots of singing and complaining. Were his mood just slightly better, there would also have been screaming and shrieking laughter. He likes to scream, that boy. The scatological humour was there, as always. As it was he was just very chatty. He holds both sides of imaginary conversations. Usually when he fantasizes about telling someone off. I really, really want to record him sometime – just like this morning, when he doesn’t know it’s happening. I want to compare him to actual diagnosed crazy people and see how he sounds, comparatively. Cuz, hell, after 30 years of exposure, he could be completely batshit and I wouldn’t recognize it. For now, he’s just a “free spirit”. 🙂

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