Third runner up… Maple. Only the first ‘Wheat has any real semblance of maple-itude, and that’s like an extra crunchy version of those maple leaf-shaped cookies my Dad used to like. The smell is more noticeable than the taste.

Second runner up… Vanilla. Not bad, though the silver text on the box is weird. I don’t need superhero breakfast cereal, thanks. A bit too sweet, though, and constantly reminds me of icing.

First runner up… Original. A classic, truly, and a childhood staple. And it delivers that injection of refined sugar so crucial to people born after 1970.

And the winner, and finest of all Mini-Wheat offerings… Brown Sugar. Like white sugar, but with the added delusion of somehow being slightly better for you. And, though it might be purely psychological, it tastes somehow a bit less sweet, which I appreciate.

Edited to add how very pleased I am to note that the < blink > tag still works in this day and age. 🙂

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  1. Pfah! Picked up a box of Vanilla MWs yesterday and tried this morning. They seem fine. Probably better than original, but nowhere near as good as Maple, which is second only to the “Maple Brown Sugar” flavour that you can only get in the states and that my parents had brought back from their last Florida trip.
    Oh, and Brown Sugar (and Honey, which you didn’t mention) taste the same as Original.

    I agree with you about the silver on the Vanilla box, though. WTH?

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