Sherry has been working a lot this weekend, so in advance of this unfortunate series of events, we made tentative plans to distract her. And what better way to distract oneself than by going to the mall. Like the good pirate I am, I tried on all the best giant, plastic-framed retro sunglasses (Sherry was looking for a new pair). No photos, sorry. I also sniffed a selection of designer fragrances, just cuz. Man, are they ever bad. Nasty. Granted, with nostrils the size of mine, and a sense of smell as acute, combined with PMSing, perhaps sniffing things was not the wisest choice of activity. Oh well.

However, almost as much fun as eating a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs was perusing the shoe section at Winners. Sherry was off looking at tasteful sweaters, and what fun is that?

I, on the other hand, had more important things to do. Behold…

Ruby slippers.

This photo is a bit of a tease, given the filthy state of the shoe stool mirror. However, yes, those are red satin, wedge-heeled, slip-on, ankle-lacing, beaded, sequined, appliqued Indian drag queen shoes. Oh. Yeah.

Ruby slippers from the front.

Now, part of what also made these shoes so awesome is that there were only two pairs: size 9.5 and size 10. I am wearing the 10s. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, size 10 and wide enough to comfortably fit me. These shoes were never intended to be worn by a woman. Too bad I had jeans on, else I’d have laced them halfway up to my calves as nature intended. The gold lacing was faux leather, of course. See the iridescent sequins? Rawr!

Ruby slippers, side view.

One more shot, just so you don’t miss a single, fabulous detail. Amusingly enough, they were quite comfy to stand in. Given the solid, flat sole, walking was a bit weird. And no, I didn’t buy them. Until the house sells, I am not in the market for ridiculous drag queen attire, even if they were only $40. 🙂

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