The scene: Shoppers Drug Mart, bath and shower products aisle.
The players: myself and two males, early 20s, one tall white guy (TWG), one shorter Asian guy (SAG), both slightly up-market from Average Guy, but nowhere near gay or even metrosexual.

TWG heads down the aisle to the body wash section. He scans the shelves briefly, sees the one he wants, and takes it.

SAG: You use women’s body wash?
TWG: Yeah, it’s for extra dry skin.
SAG: Dude! You are so tough!
Melle: *snort*

The End.

One Reply to “Overheard.”

  1. Hmmm. I hesitate to ask, but what makes a male “upmarket from average”? Is there a benchmark for “average guy”? Where are the thresholds for “metrosexual” and “gay”?

    I can’t blame the guy – just like when you get a manicure, there is a split between the value and performace of men’s products and womens. Skintimate is the best shave gel, period. They stiff us men with ghetto products, and then wonder why women laugh when we buy their shit instead.

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