Things are just about to get underway.


I took several pictures to try and capture Chris’ face just before the ceremony. He’d been Mr. Cool all day, and then… I wanted Teresa to see, cuz it was very amusing and sweet.

Chris coming down the aisle

And the deed is done.

You may kiss the bride

A slightly non-traditional first dance song, Johnny Cash’s cover of The Beatles’ My Life. (Thanks, Sherry.)

first dance

Teresa and her grandpa dancing to Spanish Eyes. It was very sweet. As was catching a moment when Chris’ mom and aunt were singing along to it. 🙂

The bride dancing with her grandpa

Several people asked me if Baloo was going to be in the wedding or coming to the wedding. Much as everyone would have enjoyed that… no. And so, the torch has been passed. Might I present: The New Mopey!

Baloo sulking

Nope, no pictures of me. Least I didn’t take any. There are probably some out there. Cass took pictures pretty much every second. If I come across any good ones, I’ll throw them on here at some point.

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  1. That would be Mr Cash doing a cover of “My Life” from The Beatles 🙂 I like Mr Cash better as well.

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