“I smoulder with generic rage.”

Last evening I had one of those writing zen experiences. I had an idea, with supporting thoughts, and I found it all very interesting. I curled up in my papasan chair with a hot chocolate and a cat and Survivor on the tv, and I started typing. And it was good. As each idea was set down, the next logical idea came to mind, and was added to the whole. I was most pleased.

And then, of course, it all went pear-shaped. On occasion, my skin will make the trackpad on my laptop do weird things. Not my fingertips, but, for example, if any part of my palm gets near it. That’s the only explanation I can think of. The two tabs I had open in Firefox vanished, and a new open popped itself open. My session-saver extension didn’t work. WordPress had no draft (I didn’t expect it, too, but sometimes you hope software has sprouted magical powers when you need it to). *sigh*

So I sketched out in points the main gist of what I’d written, and, too demoralized (post-Tribal Council) to start again, I saved the draft to go back to another time.

But as everyone knows, the second writing is never as good as the first. Hmph.

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