So I took the laptop upstairs to show Chris and Teresa this: Cheesedoodle goes online, because – cutest! thing! ever! (Had we had the Crumb from kittenhood, I’d have hundreds of such photos.)

Somehow that morphed into me getting them a kitten as a wedding present. Woohoo! It is unanimously agreed that we want another orange one. (Well, they agreed, but I, too, want an orange one. They’re both redheaded, you see, so it’s kind of a racism thing…) They don’t care if it’s male or female, but marmalade females are very rare (requires a major confluence of recessive genes), so it’ll most likely be a boy.

Currently there is a litter ready to go, and there is one pale orange one, but I suspect he’ll be taken by this weekend. However, there is another litter coming along, whose members I have not yet met. And there are the back rooms… And spring is coming… The perfect orange kitten will soon be within my grasp!


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