Found pervetry.

On occasion, porn spam can contain some fascination found poetry. For example, since last night I’ve been getting spammed by some entity that includes the phrase:


And last week Terry forwarded this gem that came through Descartes’ webmaster email address:

cetus you alibi me, barycentric defeat replete . apportion you plover
me, until must volume . corpsmen you mincemeat me, detoxify ligand
impulse chinook . hess you silica me, guidance . lykes you hollerith
me, torsion fissile rotate amphibious . signal you thinnish me,
chadwick troutman . antioch you whet me, palette buckshot gorgon payne

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  1. Okay, so I have no comment on the porn spam stuff, but I’ve been really attempting to e-mail you, but haven’t gotten a reply. Have you gotten it? I’ve sent it from the marshmallowfluff account and argh…..I want to scream.

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