As my friends can attest, I rarely have cash on me. It’s not that I’m broke, it’s that cash money is inconvenient. You have to go to a specific place to procure it, and it is not self-replenishing in your wallet.

I had less of an excuse when I worked down the street from a branch of my bank. It was a pleasant walking distance, and within steps of other assorted other places one needs to go to run errands from time to time. It remains the closest branch to my house. (There is nothing “conveniently located” near work, except Costco, and I don’t need Costco.) However, when the big construction boom started in uptown Waterloo, being able to park somewhere to go to said bank became inconvenient. (It’s better now – the parking lot is in and navigable.)

Anyway, most of the world welcomes plastic-based money forms. Which I wholeheartedly appreciate. However, I realize this convenience encourages poor spending habits and budget maintenance. D’oh!

It gives one pause, however, and encourages reflection on the potential advantages of getting into the habit of carrying cash, when one is forced to use debit to pay for $1.94 worth of coffee beans…

(I had to stoop to buying grocery store coffee beans because I am out and Vincenzo’s is closed on Sundays and I only needed to get enough beans to tide me over until I can go to Vincenzo’s and get good beans and since I have no cash I can’t stop at Timmy’s tomorrow morning and I try to avoid going to Starbucks in the morning even though they take debit because the wonders of Starbucks first thing are a slippery slope back to the days of spending $20 a day on coffee and yes my first world problems are legion.)

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