Don’t call us.

You don’t want to get mail from Canadian Blood Services. You just don’t. Even if they just want to say thanks, and to encourage you to become a bone marrow donor.

And while I’m on it, y’all leave the longest voicemail messages. Yeah, I know, you need my blood and you’ll hunt me to the ends of the earth for it, but if something comes up, I WILL cancel an appointment, and I will reschedule it at MY convenience. So there.


So, a co-worker is taking possession of his new house tomorrow, and so we have to get a housewarming gift. My brain being what it is, I thought, “of course he’s going to need a large picture of dogs playing poker…”. So out of curiosity I wandered over to eBay, and after performing my search pondered the relative merits of the tapestry over the oil painting.

Until I saw this. BEHOLD.

I could weep. Surely it is the most perfect expression of tacky kitsch ever seen on this earth…