Crumb sitting on the bar

It is a travesty that he doesn’t like to snuggle.

I need a haircut

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment at 11:15am. I feel so decadent. I am also in dire need of coiffure attention. And, I suspect, Cristina’s need to gossip, mother, and ask me for advice. Gee, maybe if I’m lucky I’ll end up with another Joan Collins makeup job to wear back to work. 🙂


If you do not know what extemporaneous means, I will not let you date Sherry.

I’m glad we cleared that up.

“We’re about to go a’huntin’ bear…”

I have had Convoy in my head on and off all day. I blame it on seeing the Paul Brandt remake video at the gym the other day. Yes, I admit to being familiar with the song AND knowing that it’s been remade. I know, you wish you were as cool as I am.

What was fun, too, was being reminded how my Dad explained all the trucker slang to me one time when I was a kid, so I actually understood what the song was about. (Dad had a CB in his car for years.)

And that is why my Dad is cooler than your dad.


The janitor dude just went by… with a MINI ZAMBONI!!!

Yeah, okay, it’s one of those sweep-wash-dry-the-floor-in-one-pass machines, but it looks just like a Zamboni, so fuck off and let me experience my glee.

The many meanings of English…

These headlines, a number of variations of which I’ve seen, really don’t express the gravity of the situation very well.

“Calls for calm amid cartoon deaths” and Deadly cartoon riot near U.S. base.

Of course, Iran’s idea to hold a contest for cartoons about the Holocaust to “test” the west’s commitment to “free speech” isn’t exactly a gold star winner, either…