God Bless Aviation Capitalism.

Until I saw this comic, I was unaware of the existence of Skymall. Mark, who is delusional and thinks there’s actually a PA comic funnier than that one, kindly stoked the fires of my Skymall passion with his adventurous tales of high-altitude browsing derring-do. He was even so kind as to steal a catalogue for me on a business trip in the fall. I have, however, since been tortured because he’s had it since OCTOBER and will not give it to me. Because he is a bad man.

Salvation, however, IS AT HAND. Ex-boss Mark (not to be confused with Director Mark or CEO Mark or the aforementioned Skymall tease Mark or any of Dana’s phalanx of husbands), was at a conference in San Francisco last week, and brought back for me both Ghirardelli chocolate AND a Skymall catalogue.

And there was MUCH rejoicing. Needless to say, Ex-boss Mark is my best friend all day. I’m currently on the page with the snake covers and CANNOT stop grinning.