Finally saw Brokeback Mountain last night. (Thank you, insane troll logic distribution…) It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, somehow, though I can’t say I expected more “action” without sounding like a big perv or utterly clueless. Slightly a victim of its own hype at this point, but not too bad. And no, there was not that much on-screen hot gay cowboy lovin’. What there was was well-handled, and pretty hot. 🙂

I think both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyl* were well cast. (I know, Heath has received a lot more accolades than Jake, but in a number of ways Jake’s role was harder, I think.) The wives were throwaway characters, and admittedly, they didn’t have that much to do, but I think other actresses could have done a lot more with them. One went a bit too far one way, and one went a bit too far the other. Anne Hathaway’s hair played more of a role than she did. Kate Mara, who plays one of Heath Ledger’s character’s daughters (the grown up version) is adorable. A very strong representation of hope. And you totally want to tweak her freckled nose.

There were also a few too many “postcard shots”. Rugged mountain peaks – *click* Rushing mountain stream – *click* Symbolic driftwood – *click* That said, given the scenery, especially in the first part of the movie, it’s hard to compete with.

The second half of the movie was much slower, but that was part of the point – how people get through life day to day and play with the hands they’re dealt. I cried two tears right at the end, based on that “getting by” idea. The scene was simple, bleak, and beautiful. Oscar-worthy, yet accessible stuff. I was mildly surprised at how much of the story I could relate to (and how hard that was). And no, I don’t have any forbidden gay cowboy love in my closet. 🙂

I would love to say a lot more, but at least one person who reads this hasn’t seen it yet (and will be seeing it with me later this week).

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